About Hannah

Hannah’s Story

Hannah was our fourth child, beautiful like her mother, dark brown hair and eyes. She was fairly quiet and gentle, she loved life and seemed to live each day to the fullest. Her name meant “full of grace” and she truly lived up to her name. Up until the age of 10 Hannah was a perfectly healthy and normal fun loving child. When she was ten she began to have some problems with her vision which at first we thought was no big deal. We figured she just need glasses and everything would be fine..

On February 17th which ironically was her 11th birthday we took to the eye doctor, who sent us for and MRI which would change our lives forever. Hannah was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor which was diffused in her brain stem. This sudden storm had hit which tested everything we were and believed in. For the next year and a half we¬†fought the good fight of faith, as we watched our beautiful daughter go from a perfectly healthy and beautiful girl to loosing every bodily function except being able to blink her eyes. During this difficult time of hospitals, treatments, seizures, near death on numerous occasions, Hannah’s faith and strength were truly amazing, she was truly full of grace. Her life touched many and during this time she seemed to have a keen awareness of the spiritual world. One and a half years after being diagnosed, at the age of 12 she exploded into life and went home to be with the Lord. Hannah was truly a hero to us and we don’t want her to ever be forgotten.